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The New Movement to Feed Pet Birds Whole Foods

Karen Becker DVM, awards Game Changer Award to Leslie Moran

Karen Becker DVM, awards Game Changer Award to Leslie Moran


  • Leslie Moran, a holistic animal nutrition and care consultant, is passionate about ending avian malnutrition in exotic birds, parrots and finches.
  • She was given a ‘Healthy Pets Animal Game Changer Award’ for the work she’s doing to teach bird lovers how to feed species-appropriate, whole foods to their pets.
  • In her book “Polly Want a Sprout? Sprouting for the New Paradigm in Balanced Exotic Avian Nutrition,” Leslie details basic and essential nutritional elements for birds, including sprouting for parrots, that she hopes will educate pet owners and veterinarians alike.
  • She’s also created the Healthy Bird Project, which is working toward identifying the correct combination of foods to make up balanced nutrition for parrot and finch species, which she hopes will ultimately help end avian malnutrition.


Read Dr Becker’s entire blog post and watch our video.


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Then come back here and start your birds eating the Best Bird Food Ever! When you feed our properly grown BBFE! sprouts and BBFE! un-sprouted and cooked as a MASH you’re providing your birds a great start towards feeding them a ‘Balanced Food Plan’. Leslie’s ‘Balanced Food Plan’ provides them all the nutrients they need for good health.


The good health and wellness of your birds is Leslie’s passion!

Pineapple conure loves BBFE!

Papaya, a pineapple green-cheeked conure LOVES BBFE! sprouts.


Pineapple green-cheeked conure eating BBFE sprouts.

She jumps into the bowl the second I pour the sprouts in.

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