Bird Talk Man

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There is a lot more to the business of pet birds than meets the eye

Coming to your Kindle device Sept 10, 2020:

After two weeks of being bitten by every parrot in the store, half dollar size bruises on my arms and band-aids on almost every finger I knew then why I was hired as a bird salesman with no experience.

Learned to groom parrots helping friends and neighbors with their birds for many years with their birds in my lap listening to their stories about their feathered loved ones inspired me years later to host an internet radio show for people with pet birds and avian professionals.

Now I sit in my radio studio listening to their stories LIVE on air, recording the conversations and re-broadcasting the pre-recorded LIVE bird talk radio shows world-wide benefiting owners of pet birds and avian professionals 24/7/365.

Five years now at the publishing of this book. Enjoy my journey from the pet store with bruises and band-aids all over me to 30 years later and all I have loved and learned talking with and listening to individual pet bird owners and avian professionals like Jessica Pineda; Bird Talk Magazine, Yvonne Patterson; Wings Of Love, Tony Silva and Steve Martin; Natural Encounters.

Amazon pre-order link will be published on my Facebook page soon…

The post Bird Talk Man first appeared on Bird Talk Radio, Kansas City.

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