Best Budgie Diet, Best Budgie Sprouts with Spinach

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At three and a half weeks into the quarantine period for our Budgies, they already have learned to eat the best Budgie diet and the best Budgie sprouts possible!
These budgies were raised especially for the Healthy Bird Project’s Long-term Health & Longevity Feeding Trial program, and were donated to us for this long-term study.
To learn more about this long-term study and to donate to help support our fundraiser to pay for their first avian vet visit and the creation of our nonprofit, please follow this link:

Best Budgie Diet, Best Budgie Sprouts

These Budgies quickly learned to choose and eat our BBFE! complete protein sprouting blends — the best Budgie diet and best Budgie sprouts. Choosing these fresh foods over the seeds and pellets they had been raised on. During quarantine, and when introducing healthier foods, it’s important that their familiar foods (seeds and pellets) be available. Ultimately we will wean them off all dry seeds and pellets, as these foods are not good for them.
Best Budgie Diet, Best Budgie Sprouts

Every spinach leaf has a Budgie there, eating and enjoying this must feed parrot food. With plates of BBFE! complete protein sprouting blend on the enclosure floor.


The best way to introduce fresh raw spinach leaves is to clip them to the side of the enclosure with a wooden clothespin. These Budgies quickly jumped right in and began eating the spinach!!! Good birds!


About Our Best Budgie Diet

Our BBFE! complete protein sprouting blend makes up the main food in our Balanced Food Plan. We do this because of all the essential nutrients this parrot food contains. Please read: “Superior Nutrition: BBFE Complete Analysis”.
Learn the truth about why fresh, raw spinach leaves are a MUST FEED food for all parrots:

Essential Nutrition: Feed Parrots Spinach

When following and feeding our best budgie diet our BBFE! properly grown complete protein sprouting blends must make up 50 % of all the foods a Budgie (or other parrot) eats in a day. When you do this, you make sure that your parrot’s nutritional need for complete protein are met every day.


Learn more: “Complete Protein, the Essential Nutrient Missing in Avian Diets”.       ………..     SHOP NOW

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